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Pressure Washing in Lakeland, FL

Pressure washing lakeland fl

Customer found us via google in search for pressure washing services in Lakeland. Customer was very concerned about the project because previous pressure washing company made mistakes and caused damage! We took out time to educate the customer our process utilize low pressure utilize the proper cleaning solutions these luxury areas and advised it wouldn’t be any damage because the customer was placing the home on the market to sale!

Starting out we began watering all plants and vegetation. We understood the importance of property protection! Others may skip this process however it’s vital to ensure all vegetation is safe from cleaning solutions! After we saturated vegetation we began our soft wash application to remove all organic growth and matter. As we allow the solutions to dwell we started seeing the Algae and mold disappear. This added brightness and eradicated all organic growth! Follow by a rinsed down with fresh water. With this process we here at Wrightlook pressure washing company LLC was able to satisfy the customer! Check out the results below!

Pressure Washing Project Gallery

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